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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

But Wait, It Gets Better

Widespread reports yesterday of the U.S. Border Patrol reporting locations of Minuteman activies along the border have now broadened in scope. The reports obtained from the Mexican government include an August 2005 document, "Third Report on the Activities of Vigilantes" -- posted on Mexico's Secretary of Foreign Relations Web site -- suggest U.S. officials were giving out more details than required by the Vienna Convention. Part of that information included reports on activities in the interior United States in locations such as Illinois, Nevada, Utah, Massachusetts and Tennessee.
Read it all at the Minuteman Blog.

As DHS is busy tap dancing over yesterday's Daily Bulletin article, clinging desperately to the Vienna Convention like a life preserver that doesn't float, here comes another article reporting further depths to the sellout of American citizens to the Mexican government by our own.

However, the Mexican report also contains specific information on civilian groups operating much farther inside the United States.

For example, the document notes that 50 Minuteman volunteers work in Chicago, focusing mainly on employers who hire illegal immigrants.

Minuteman volunteers said specific information -- such as the number of volunteers and their plans -- could have been provided only by law enforcement officials at that time. The document credits the various Mexican consul general offices in the U.S. with providing the information to the Mexican Foreign Secretary for the reports.

"How did they know the number of volunteers in Chicago? And why should the Mexican government care?" asked Connie Hair, spokeswoman for the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps in Washington, D.C.
More details that should deeply disturb Americans who give a crap about their rights and freedoms, and how willing eager our own government seems to be to compromise them:

Such requests from Mexico, and U.S. officials acquiescing to them, are not new, say Border Patrol agents.

Scott James, a former Tucson agent, resigned after eight years of service in February, citing a lack of support for agents by the Department of Homeland Security.

He said that U.S. Border Patrol officials provided office space inside their headquarters to Mexican consulate officials, allowed the consulate to dictate the agents' activities, and gave the consulate information on ongoing investigations.

Such courtesies were not extended to consulate offices of other countries, James said.
After hearing this story yesterday, I felt as if I'd been on the receiving end of a physical blow. Not because it was a surprise, exactly, but because it shook me to the very roots of my American-ness. I exercise my rights to assemble and practice free speech regularly for the Chicago and Illinois Minuteman organizations, and the very government I'm trying to affect is reporting my actions to Mexico?

I'm not certain I've yet fully taken in the import of this...and, as it continues to unfold, the news can only get worse.

I can, however, tell you what my response will be: to protest outside Speaker Hastert's office in the Chicago suburbs on Saturday, as planned. I'll be waving my sign with even more vigor than usual. And that's saying something.

Additional coverage at Michelle Malkin.

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