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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Thoughts On A Third Party...

Jim, two points:

1) immigration alone cannot serve as the basis for a successful national third party (though it could easily cause a realignment in Arizona). The key is to address the main causes of national economic insecurity with a unified but simple platform that includes reducing the threat to working Americans from rock-bottom illegal labor.

2) once the immigration debate is recast in terms of increasing national security-- border security and security of a livable wage for that other half of the labor force that lacks skills-- then I predict that you will see *AFRICAN-AMERICANS* embrace immigration reform.

This sleeping giant is what the Democratic elites and the pollsters are ignoring, and it has the potential to split the Democrats in every northern city and across the South. Imagine if New York, New Jersey, Illinois, and even Michigan were in play. The Democratic candidate would be forced to spend massively in major media markets that are now safely blue. Likewise, the Republican candidate would be forced to spend massively to hang on to Texas and previously safe southern states.

In short, when this nation's political class finally learns to focus on the gnawing insecurity that is the hallmark of American lives, we will see the realignment demanded by these massive national problems.
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