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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Powerline: Free Advice For The President

Source: Powerline
Give a major speech in prime time. Say that you still think that a long-term solution to the immigration issue should include a guest worker program. Acknowledge, however, that many Americans disagree and there is currently no consensus on a long-range policy. Say that, more fundamentally, you're now convinced that our first priority has to be getting control over our borders. Until we control our borders, and know who is coming and going, any immigration policy we may announce will be meaningless anyway.

So, discussion about long-term approaches to immigration will continue. But in the meantime, your priority will be securing the borders and enforcing the laws currently on the books. Which means that the crackdown on employers of illegals will be expanded. Announce some specific measures to begin securing the Mexican border, preferably including some kind of fence.
Yep, that would make a huge difference, but he won't, and the fact that he won't should tell us all we really need to know about what the actual goal here might be.

The goal is to continue with the despicable practice of stocking this country with more illegals. Sticking localities with the costs and problems of illegal immigration. Our governement in no way represents the people they are supposed to represent, they represent big business who won't take a two or three percent hit to the bottom line to pay people decently.

Every word out of our president's mouth on this issue expresses nothing but contempt for Americans and American workers, and furthermore he expresses nothing but affection for citizens of a foreign power. I wonder why his numbers are down, it's like a mystery, can't someone solve this puzzle?

If you pay attention the object and goals of this administration regarding illegal immigration are crystal clear, if you pay attention.

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