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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Fire Up the Transporter...MJ Has a Brilliant Idea

Via Reuters:

President Vladimir Putin offered couples cash to have more children to halt a dramatic decline in population and called for a stronger army in a key speech on Wednesday in which he shrugged off sharp attacks by Washington.

Putin, defying predictions he would focus on foreign policy, zeroed in on Russia's dwindling population -- an issue with huge implications for the economy -- which is falling by 700,000 people every year.
Russia has an under-population crisis. We have an illegal alien crisis. All we have to do is make an agreement with Putin whereby he agrees to take our illegal aliens, then get them over there. He gets a ready-made population made up of really nice people who are only too willing to do the jobs that Russians won't do (which, apparently, primarily consists of reproducing). We get rid of millions of illegals who are doing jobs that Americans would be glad to do at a living wage. The illegals get to "come out of the shadows."

Describing the issue as contemporary Russia's most acute problem, he told Russian couples he would more than double to 1,500 roubles ($55.39) monthly payouts to families for the first baby and then double that to 3,000 roubles for a second child.
Sounds like they've got rubles to burn. Why not spend it on education, healthcare, and other assistance for people who can bring babies (and lot of them) with them when they come?

Would somebody please get me Putin's phone number? I believe I have a call of the utmost diplomatic urgency to make...

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