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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


From: Small Town Vet

A friend of him wrote him on the subject of the BP sharing info with Mexico, I wanted to focus on this paragraph...
He stated also, that even though Americans are getting "mighty upset about the illegals situation, that we still have to live and work with those already here and need to work out new laws that won't start a war, which will hurt us just as much as it will them." We also discussed the many latino gangs that are in all the large cities. We agreed that they will have to be not only faced soon but that it will be more than the local law enforcement will be able to handle safely alone.
And how would that be exactly? I hear this argument all the time and it's never made a lick of sense to me. We are at war with Meico now, the only thing that would change is we could pursue closing the border and removing the illegals without all the hand-wringing and whining that keeps us from getting anything accomplished now.

This argument is almost always wrong, yet you hear it all the time. People used to warn that if we had a trade war with Japan we'd be hurt just as much as they would, now it's China. Let me explain, Japan sold to us, a trade war would have devastated their economy and helped ours through job creation and more money in our economy, where's the harm exactly?

We have constructed China's economy out of whole cloth, if we stopped buying from them they fall apart, in about two weeks. If we could actually acknowledge the true state of hostilities vis-a-vis Mexico we could solve our illegal immigration problems in about a month. instead of the slow bleed our government and the ACLU desire.

The globalists would have you believe that we depend on all these other countries for our prosperity, that's a load of crap, they depend on us. Always have and probably always will. But to a globalist it's an article of faith that we couldn't get along without the nexus of trade that steals jobs from Americans and imports cheap tickle me Elmo dolls.

I think it's time for some truth telling, it's good for the soul.

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