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Thursday, May 11, 2006

They're baaaack!

Like the shuffling zombies in Dawn Of The Dead our august Senate will be taking up the issue of amnesty for illegal immigrants again...

Source: azcentral
WASHINGTON - Republicans moved Wednesday to have the Senate spend most of the next two weeks reconsidering an immigration bill that faltered just before Easter over whether to let millions of illegal immigrants remain in the United States.

"We're ready to start the process," Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said Wednesday after emerging from a meeting with a few other Republicans in Majority Leader Bill Frist's office.

Frist, R-Tenn., said h'e would continue talks with Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. He added, however, that debate would begin early next week on amendments even though he and Reid have no agreement on how to proceed with the bill.
Time to pick up the phone folks, our elected zombies are hell bent on doing the very thing they know 80% of the American people don't want.

This is frightening...
The House in December passed an enforcement-only immigration bill with no provision for legalizing illegal immigrants. Senate Democrats have expressed fears that protections for illegal immigrants will be sacrificed in the negotiations.
"Protections for illegal immigrants?" It's been a while but I believe I'm going to have to dust off Jake's Ham Sammich rule...Illegal immigrants in this country have no rights other than access to a delicious and well prepared Ham Sammich and then a swift kick in the ass as we wave buh-bye to them as they cross our border Southward, of course we can talk about an ice cold fizzy soda.

Lone wacko mentions, and I will as well that at least they manage to include that word that burns their lying tongues like a thousand suns, illegal! So kudos for that I suppose.

And then there's this...
Frist and Reid have said for weeks they are negotiating to renew debate on the bill, but there has been little progress even after three Roman Catholic bishops visited both leaders.
You know the Catholic church pulled this crap once before and almost got kicked out of the country. I think maybe it's time to talk about that again. Oh, I have no problems with Catholics, just the leadership.
"I think there's a general consensus on our side not to try to kill the bill, but to try to see us get a result," said Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, who participated in the meeting with Frist.
Will any result do Sen. Conryn, or is it preferable that it be one that really piss off the American people?

Tom Tancredo was on Michael Savage last night, he mentoned how extraordinary it was that the Senate was so dead set on providing amnesty when they knew it was massively unpopular. I think it's time to consider replacing this government with something more responsive to the American people.

Pick up the phone folks, I still believe this is Kabuki theatre, let me count the ways. The house wants to go home to it's constituents and say they passed a tough immigration bill (HR 4437), while knowing full well that the Senate would gut it and render it less than useless. The Senate is protecting everyone's access to big business donations.

Big business wants the status quo. If illegals receive amnesty and we were to actually enforce our laws they would lose access to their cheap slave labor, can't have that don'cha know.

Still, on the principle of the thing, call these sumzabitches and let'em know you possess 6' of scratchy hemp rope.

H/T Lonewacko ( doing yoeman's work)

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