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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Those Darn Kids!

This one at least has absorbed every BS lie the pro-illegal groups have been spewing.

Just a few tastes of the crazy...
RIGHT NOW en este momento.. The United States Senate is in session, deciding on immigration bills that will change the face of this country FOREVER. They are talking WALLS, MILITARY, MASS DEPORTATION. They are talking about establishing anti-immigrant systems, such as a database that checks social security, heavy fines for hiring illegals, but worst of all - Illegal immigration will become a felony, police may soon gain the authority to perform immigration status checks and DEPORT YOU.. That means FEAR TO GO ON THE STREETS - A police officer could stop you at anytime and he will be forced to run a check on you.
Anti-immigrant? Methinks not!
Even if you are against immigration, you need to realize how much this will change our country - it will put us at very bad relations with Mexico, it will set up a police-state enivornment for minorities, pushing the United States back into racism. Yes, immigration needs to be dealt with, but it needs to be done humanely and realistically. Deporting 12 million people is not realistic, and establishing a state of fear so that 12 million people are pushed away into the cracks of the country is not humane.. We need worker programs, amnesty in SOME cases, and a realistic way to solve this problem.
No, you impudent whelp, it won't "push the United States back into racism." It will be enforcing long ignored laws, if you can't see the difference frankly I don't want you in this country.

Against Immigration? Unlike you, you bloody retard I'm against illegal immigration, illegal, a word you employ on a most inconsistent basis. I would like to see immigration slow down quite a bit, that doesn't actually make me anti-immigrant or anti-immigration. Or to put it another way, if my only choice is binary, immigration wide open -- full tilt or immigration spigot closed. I would choose the latter, which again, doesn't make me anti-immigrant or anti-immigration.

Unlike, it seems, all those who came here via immigration I favor sensible immigration as being better for this country and indeed the immigrants themselves. I'm starting to wonder if immigrants should have any say in this issue, and I don't say this lightly, but I question their ability to make sound judgements, and frankly I question their ability to put the country before their personal (and perfectly understandable) desires.
No one in the U.S. is communicating with Mexico on this. This is an international crisis and needs the right amount of attention. People need to listen.
What in the hell does this mean? Because I'm sure you'll all agree that what we really need, what we're crying out for these days, is more meddling from Mexico in our internal politics.
Every year, 65,000 teenagers graduate from high school sin papeles. But they grew up here. They speak perfect English. They are paisanos, but they came at such a young age, their earliest memories are still of McDonalds and Chuck E Cheese. They came here at 6 or 7, maybe 2 or 3. They have been through the whole entire American school system and yet they can not work. If they are lucky enough to get into college, their degree is worthless. They have done everything right and nothing wrong. Their parents broke the law - their parents carried them into this country. Why are they being punished for their parents?
Ahhh, but their parents knew and yet opted to continue to break our laws, I'm not unsympathetic but policy cannot bend to every sob story. I'm sure every pedophile has a sob story, I don't care, I want a sharpened steel spike driven into their rectum and then heated to 3000 degrees. Good policy comes as a result of doing what's best for the country as a whole, not trying to please every bloody ethnic grievance group, of which we have far too many.

Good policy most of all attempts to weigh the interests of all the people in a way that ensures liberty and prosperity for the maximum number of what?

Citizens, non-citizens are not even part of the equation, seriously, internal policy of the United States should not even acknowledge non-citizens (illegals, I understand others live here legally and aren't citizens, I don't want them driving policy either).

Citizens are those who are screaming against illegal immigration currently, citizens are those being ignored currently under our arrogant overlords.


Read the whole thing, it's so rich with idiocy you could literally spend all day fisking it.

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