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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Analogy Queen Strikes Again

We were at Blockbuster over the weekend checking out some DVDs for our home entertainment pleasure. We happened to rent two that were marked "two day rental" and had a good chuckle about it...they have signs up all over the store about how they don't have late fees any more, but ask that you bring them back in two days anyway.

I turned to Jake and remarked sarcastically that it was just like our illegal immigration problem. We have rules, but no penalty (not an enforced one, anyway) for breaking them. Where's the incentive to follow the rules if you aren't penalized for wilfully ignoring them? Where does such a ridiculous policy leave you?

In the same place as Blockbuster, that's where. We rented those two day movies over the weekend. It's Thursday night, and they're still sitting next to our DVD player.

That's OK, though -- by taking up space on our shelf, those rule-breaking DVDs are doing a job our own DVDs don't want to do.

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