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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Fitty Cent Weighs In...

On the illegal immigration issue.

Source: Beatsthehellouttame
Rapper Curtis Jackson known to the world as 50 Cent weighed in on the immigration debate Monday when some of his workers did not show up to his Connecticut estate to handle their daily duties. 50 was caught off guard by the highly publicized May 1st Boycott and appeared peeved that 6 of his caretakers did not show up and did not call forcing him to try to juggle different skilled employees at new duties. The G-Unit behemoth employs a total of 23 part time workers at his estate and 16 have undocumented immigrant status.

A camera crew for Vibe Magazine was forced to wait three extra hours to finish a photo shoot for his new line of "Big Entertainment Cigars" that will be featured on Interstate Billboards as part of his "Business as Usual" promotion Tour to Honor slain and soon to be slain rappers. The Cigars will be rolled by hand in Mexico and smuggled into the country.

50 Cent added his opinions about HR4337 and the nationwide protest stating, "Most of these immigrants make a lot of trouble, if they came here illegally, man, they need to leave we are already struggling in the hood, you know... It seems rough, and cruel, and harsh; but to be fair to everybody they should just apply. I had to hustle for what I got and I knew it was illegal, I didnât cry and protest. Why they gotta come here? They need to hustle harder in their own country." Asked if saw any irony in his "get rich or die trying" philosophy's advocacy of selling drugs, and or his anti-immigrant comments coming on May 1st, known internationally as May Day or International Worker's Day, 50 Cent replied, "what is May Day? Is that like when people get their welfare checks?"

50 Cent went on to say, "these people taking over the streets and want sympathy as if this boycott is legal." Then taking a slight pause while an immigrant employee passed by to vacuum the spacious gothic designed guest area, the rapper then continued, I have had to fire two gardeners who refused to learn any English in the six months in which they been here. It's not about race, I love Latinos. Scarface was a political prisoner but he did it the right way, why not be like Scarface? Who can argue with his success? Itâs the best way to shut your critics up. Plus immigrants donât buy legal CDs and they like to bootleg mine, like them damn Africans. Overall these dudes are a strain on my economy."
And there you have it!

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