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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Stupid...

It never quits!

Source: Headupmyassblog (extreme idiocy bolded)
Even though May 1st's Boycott was a good turn-out, I strongly believe that it could have been MORE successful by showing the Government that ALL immigrants, (from Vietnam, Philippines, China, Korea, Pakistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Honduras, Mexico, and all other countries I missed), were united under one cause. It was clear that the government's STRATEGY (through Telecommunications) was to assign the issue to Latinos. Sure, many Latinos were calling for equality, showing their dislike about HR 4437, so on and so forth. However, Latinos are NOT the ONLY undocumented immigrants in the U.S.

*If we really want to get TECHNICAL about immigration, the ONLY people that should be crying-out foul should be Native Americans. Or did everyone "forget" the MAYFLOWER, and the GENOCIDE they perpetuated?!*

Anyway, many other nationalities are also struggling, trying to get documentation for other hard-working relatives whom are trying to escape hardships in their own countries; ultimately PROVIDING ECONOMIC GROWTH for the U.S. And yet we get people e-mailing the news and complaining about undocumented immigrants. An e-mail that irritated me was asking why undocumented immigrants "...didn't try to boycott in their own countries. Why can't they voice their discontent with their government." REALLY NOW. DO YOU THINK people would be COMING to the U.S. without first trying with THEIR/OUR OWN GOVERNMENT?! COME ON NOW.

I don't hear them, (including the person who sent the e-mail), complain when they're eating strawberries, lettuce, etc. I don't hear them complain when their lawns/gardens are taken care of. They don't complain when their UN-recycled trash is picked-up. Or when they move-in to a new house. Who do you think contributed to the construction of the house? How about restaurants that serve food from different countries. I don't hear them complain when they're ordering food because they can't afford to travel, (U.S. being 2nd to lowest country that DOESN'T SAVE), pigging-out, and yet have the AUDACITY to complain!

Nonetheless, it was proven by the boycott's turn-out that my friend's implications were right. Amongst other contributing factors, she pointed-out that most immigrants from other countries are well-off, in general. Plus, the government assigning the issue to Latinos, did not help with matters either.

So with that said, I hope you understand where I'm coming from. Please spread the word about the Ax KC Boycott.

I'm out.
Oh my, this little twenty two year old needs some reality upside the head, no?

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