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Friday, January 13, 2006

I Support The President

But not on this issue.

Seriously, if you read this blog you might think we hate the president. Nope, not true, I support the president and on balance I am very happy I voted for him. In fact the only issue on which I think he has his head up his hindquarters is illegal immigration.

You may have noticed we focus on illegal immigration just a teeny tiny wee bit.

Like today, the president spewed more incoherency regarding the border. Here's a taste...

Secondly, you've got the border patrol. The reason why the border is necessary is because there's suiciders coming in from Syria into Iraq. And the Iraqis have got to be able to enforce their border in order to be able to protect their democracy.

Lucky them, wonder what it would take for us to enjoy the same privilege?

Then the President took some questions and we get this exchange...

Q Hi. My name is Mario --

THE PRESIDENT: Hola -- en Mexico?

Q Monterrey. We went for Christmas, to spend Christmas with my family in Mexico. And, you know, my family, friends, media, President Fox, they're talking about the wall that the United States wants to build across the border with Mexico. My question for you is, what is your opinion or your position about that wall? And, you know, when people ask me how can I justify the answer to build a wall, other than saying, we don't want you here, you know?

THE PRESIDENT: Yes, great question.

Q Thank you.

THE PRESIDENT: His question is on immigration. Let me talk about immigration. We have an obligation to enforce our borders. (Applause.) Let me just say the full
answer. (Laughter.) And we do for a lot of reasons. The main reason is security
reasons, seems like to me. And security means more than just a terrorist slipping in. It means drugs. The Mayor was telling me that there's a lot of -- crime around the country -- he's been studying this -- because of drug use. And who knows if they're being smuggled in from Mexico, but drugs do get smuggled in. So it's a security issue. It's more than just the war on terrorist security issue. It's the issue of being able to try to secure the lifestyle of our country from the use of drugs, drug importation, for example. A lot of things get smuggled across. Generally, when you're smuggling something it's against the law. So we have an obligation of enforcing the border. That's what the American people expect.

Now, you mentioned "wall." The intent is to use fencing in some areas, particularly in urban centers, where people have found it easy to cross illegally into the country. It is impractical to build a wall all the way up and down the border. Look, I was the old governor of Texas -- you can't build a wall up and down the entire length of the border of the United States. But you can find those border crossing points in high urban areas and use some construction. You can be able to put berms up in order to prevent people from smuggling people across the border. There are ways to use electronics to be able to help our border patrol agents detect people who are illegally coming into the country. And we're getting -- we're kind of modernizing the border, I guess is the best way to put it.

The reason most people come is to work. I always have said that family values do not stop at the Rio Grande River. There are some jobs Americans will not do that are being filled by people who want to feed their families. And that's what's happening. And my attitude about that is, is that when you find a willing worker and a company who can't find an American to do the job, there ought to be a legal way, on a temporary basis, to fill that job.

And so let me finish real quick. It is compassionate -- by the way, it is important to enforce the border. President Fox understands he's got to enforce his border in the south of Mexico, by the way, from people coming up from the south. It is compassionate to recognize why most people are here, and they're here to work.

What you're having here is you've created a -- you've made it illegal for People to come here to work that other Americans won't do, and guess has happened? A horrible industry has grown up. You've got folks right here in Kentucky who are hiring people to do jobs Americans won't do, and you say, show me your papers, and they've been forged, and the employer doesn't know about it.
I don't care how many times he says it, the man wants amnesty. The simple fact he won't come out and say it should tell you all you need to know.

Of course, criminal values don't stop at the Rio Grande either.

The phrase "jobs Americans won't do" gets trotted out several times in this section. I am not aware of any job an American won't do, with the proviso that you are paid a decent wage.

Let's consider that phrase when placed against this from the NY Times...

TUCSON - It took years for Normaeli Gallardo, a single mother from Acapulco, to drum up the courage to join the growing stream of Mexican women illegally crossing the border on the promise of a job, in her case working in a Kansas meatpacking plant for $5.15 an hour.

Meatpacking used to be one of the best blue-collar jobs you could get. It was so good people fought for these jobs and hung on to them jealously. Why? it's not a mystery, they paid well and had good benefits. That's all Americans ask for, and it's not too much to ask.

Unfortunately, our president has sided with the one-worlders and the globalists, opting to further enrich business owners no matter the harm to the working man and women of America. Is the real object of the exercise to turn America into a third world country, because that's how it looks to me, and I object strenuously. You don't? Might be cuz you're an idiot!

This isn't hypothetical folks, wages continue to fall. Benefits continue to evaporate. And so long as we continue this suicide spiral of cheaper and cheaper yet help, it will never change. Big business has become addicted to slave labor. I define slave labor as abnormally low wages coupled with no protections. Please try to explain to me that big business will opt to do the right thing without a nudge.

I think not. The source of the radically reduced wages is the continued flood of illegals over the border. The only thing a guest worker program would accomplish would be a formal program to pay people a lot less and provide no benefits.

The President continues...

And so I think, yes, absolutely enforce the border, but at the same time have a recognition that people are going to come here to work if an American won't do the job, so let's make it legal on a temporary basis. And I mean a temporary workers' card that's tamper proof, that gives the employer satisfaction they're not breaking the law, that says you can come here for a period of time and you go home.

Uh-huh, and who will force them to leave? Will our vote whoring government suddenly develop a spine? I think not. If they won't do it now, we have absolutely no reason to imagine they will do anything different in the future. All the laws we require are on the books right this second, why aren't they being enforced? If you slap a coat of paint on rotting wood, it don't fix the wood folks.

Do you know what the card will accomplish? it will make it that much easier to get here. The provisions in the new immigration bill, they don't kick in for SIX! years. How many people do you think will manage to flood this country in that amount of time?

And when it comes time to leave I know beyond the shadow of a doubt what we'll be hearing. "But their really nice people who just come here to work. You can't separate families. Por la raza todo, por la otros nada."

At the crunch our government is doing everything it can to pack this country with millions more illegal aliens who they believe will vote for them. Businesses want cheap labor, and, new markets to make more money. Banks are giving home loans to illegals currently. Colleges want to give instate tuition to illegals right now. More and more businesses are conducting all business in Spanish ghettoizing Hispanics more than they are now. Hispanic newspapers and television stations further the ghettoization process separating and dividing us when we need to stand together more than ever.

It's your country folks, if you'll fight for it!



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