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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Drivers' Licenses for Illegals: Bill Introduced in California...AGAIN

Nearly 10 cars a week are impounded by the Watsonville Police Department after drivers have been pulled over for some sort of minor traffic violation and officers discover they don't have a driver's license.

It's common in Watsonville and other heavily populated migrant towns, where hundreds, if not thousands, of undocumented immigrants have no choice but to get behind the wheel to get to work, even if it's against the law.
It's all here.

"Have no choice?" Oh, I beg to differ. There would be no need to get behind the wheel ILLEGALLY to get to work ILLEGALLY if they hadn't entered the country ILLEGALLY. It's the epitome of simplicity, really.

Don't come. Don't work. Don't drive.

Luis Alejo, a Latino activist and civil rights attorney in Watsonville, said the governor must recognize that public safety would get better when undocumented workers are afforded the legal right to drive.
Perhaps the governor already realizes that public safety would get better if "undocumented workers" stayed where they don't need documents. If I break into your house and steal your Visa, are you going to suggest that my use of your credit card be legalized? Because I'll come on over if you'd be willing to "adjust my status" once I get there.

Alejo goes on to say:

"Many drive out of survival and this legislation would simply allow them to do so legally in a way that is a benefit to everyone."
How, exactly, do the good citizens of this country and those who have immigrated here legally benefit from giving ILLEGAL aliens a get-out-of-jail-free card, further encouragement to come here ILLEGALLY, and further encouragement to take American jobs ILLEGALLY?

I've got an answer for you: THEY DON'T.



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