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Friday, May 12, 2006

The Cheesiest of Perfumes

Via AFP:

Lovers of Britain's pungent Stilton cheese can now fill their nostrils with its notorious aroma, which has been captured in a new perfume, the makers said.

The Stilton Cheese Makers Association plans to introduce Eau de Stilton sometime this year or early next year.
Eau de Stilton?

The scent has the "earthy and fruity" aroma of the blue-veined cheese but is unlike the smell of "old socks" that some people associate with Stilton, the maufacturer claims.

One female Stilton employee told AFP: "I've had the perfume on all day and none of the men complained."
I can see the billboards now:

Eau de Stilton...the man of your dreams probably won't mind.

Although, I suppose it could have its uses...

DAD Where do you think you're going with that micro mini skirt on, young lady?
ASHLEE (Rolls eyes dramatically) Da-aaaaaad!
DAD (Smiles and pats daughter on shoulder) Just kidding, sweetheart! You look terrific. (Takes package from behind back and hands it to daughter) And just in case the slutty clothes and hooker makeup aren't enough to make you the princess of the rainbow party, here's a little something I picked out just for you.
ASHLEE Eau de Stilton? (Hugs father) Dad, I can't believe you bought me perfume!
DAD Nothing but the best for my little girl and the horny boys who want to [CENSORED] her!
Only six creameries, near Stilton village in central England, are authorised to make genuine Stilton cheese.
And, if you ask me, they'll be lucky to find six chicks who'll actually buy Eau de Stilton, let alone dab it behind their ears.

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