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Friday, May 12, 2006

Don't Believe The Hype!

Source: CNN

Pentagon eyes ways to use military for border security

HA-HA-HA! (oh, excuse me)
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Faced with growing pressure from southern states, the Bush administration wants the military to come up with ideas to help solve security problems along the U.S. border with Mexico.

In back-to-back moves this week, the Pentagon began exploring ways to lend support at the southern border, while the House on Thursday voted to allow the Homeland Security Department in limited cases to use soldiers in that region.

At the Pentagon, Paul McHale, the assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense, asked officials to offer options for the use of military resources and troops -- particularly the National Guard -- along the border with Mexico, according to defense officials familiar with the discussions.
The key to this BS...
Southern lawmakers met this week with White House strategist Karl Rove for a discussion that included making greater use of National Guard troops to shore up border control.
Karl Rove once accused JD Hayworth of not liking "Brown people" for his stance on guarding the border.

Smells like a pile of crap meant to take our conservative eyes off the amnesty the president and his big business pals lust after.

Build a wall, put troops on the border, enforce the interior for a minimum of five years and we can talk about everything else, oh! That would solve the problem? There would be no major problem left?

Never mind.

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