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Friday, May 12, 2006

The Creeping Street Fascism In America: Comes From The Right?

I hate to rain on a perfectly good fantasy, but could we have even one factual story accompanied by say, photos to go along with this humorous screed?

Source: Orcinus
Let's be clear here: Coulter is not "joking." She is seriously calling for "manly" conservatives to inflict violence on a college student who is in the United States legally. Moreover, she is calling for a similar kind of violence as an appropriate response to "unhinged" and "violent" liberals. *snip*

The tide of right-wing eliminationism has been rising steadily in recent years, led in large part by Coulter and her sycophants. It has now topped the brim and is on the verge of bubbling over into action.

I warned a little while back that one of the real differences between movement conservatism and fascism is that the former "does not yet rely on physical violence and campaigns of gross intimidation to obtain power and suppress opposition."
Here's the funny part, the only opposition being suppressed these days is the right. Can our writer point me to one fact based article comparable to this or say this?

And let's not forget this and this.

Just look at all those poor socialists being tormented in their pea brains by the right, uh-huh, tell me another one. The actual threats and arrests are all on the left, why might that be?

If I'm wrong, fine, but I am not aware of any comparable behavour on the right, I stand ready to be corrected. Remember, photos are a plus!

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