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Friday, June 16, 2006

Nice, Very Nice!

Source: pennlive

The problem with winking at illegality is that it tends to be a downward spiral creating more and worse illegal behavour. Once the system breaks down why would you even be surprised when you read this...
SHAMOKIN - More than a dozen suspected illegal immigrants were discovered Wednesday but not detained at a strip mall construction site, authorities said.

None of the 18 Spanish-speaking laborers could be detained because the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency did not have agents available to go to the scene, and other law enforcement agencies did not have jurisdiction, District Attorney Anthony J. Rosini said.

The raid was conducted after Rep. Robert E. Belfanti Jr., D-Mount Carmel, received a tip of possible child labor law violations at the site in Coal Twp., Rosini said.
Nice huh?  This is the outcome every single time we begin pretending the law doesn't matter.

H/T immigration news daily

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