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Friday, June 16, 2006

Rep. Cannon To Law Abiding Americans...

Source: sltrib
OREM - In an often-heated debate Saturday, it quickly became apparent that the race for Utah's 3rd Congressional District seat pivots on one issue: immigration.
Just as immigration reform has become explosive nationally, the clash between Republican primary opponents John Jacob and Chris Cannon showed the issue could become rancorous and divisive in Utah, the reddest of red states. *snip*

Jacob, an Eagle Mountain businessman, argued the approach of Washington on immigration for decades has been ineffective and wrongheaded, particularly the emphasis that U.S. economic prosperity is dependent on immigrant labor. Creating an underclass of low-paid undocumented workers because it supports economic growth is just plain greed, he says.
I must apologize for what your about to read, it's that shocking...(idiocy and statements muffled by tasty illegal alien genitalia bolded for you reading pleasure)
Cannon lamented that much of the immigration debate is driven by xenophobia.
"There are a lot of people who are angry and fearful, and that's not the best of America. . . . I don't think xenophobia is a Republican virtue."
Though Cannon did not directly accuse Jacob of racism, he said many of the people around the country who support his opponent's view are.
"We need to solve this without platitudes," he said. "Quit hiding behind xenophobia and make a proposal [on immigration reform]."
Oh, that's a winner!  Thank you Mr. Cannon.  First of all thank you for a peek at that flabby white ass of yours, may I suggest a little trim might be in order?  Your wife will thank me.

Secondly, thank you soooo very much for accusing every American who cares about the rule of law, as opposed to yourself chief, of racism and xenophobia.  I sincerely hope you are retired in disgrace to solace your self with cheap scotch and your underage Thai hookers.

I think we need a new term to describe those who are so beholden to big business interests that they are driven to utter nonsensical statements in public, and as a special one time bonus, insult the very people they serve.  It makes me feel all warm and tingly inside, how about you?

Now let's hear from his opponent...
As far as sending the country's estimated 12 million undocumented workers back to their homelands, Jacob says it is feasible - over time.
"If you don't think it can be done - Mexico did it. They got rid of 12 million people," he said to applause from the audience in the student center at Utah Valley State College.

After the debate, Jacob said the allegations of racism are unfair. "Why is racism and xenophobia part of it when we are talking about the rule of law?" he asked.
Why are they indeed? Could it be, oh I don't know...Fear!

Methinks Rep. Cannon has had things his own way for far too long. For far too long a time he's been able to run roughshod over his constituents telling them to eat their vegetables and how dare they question him when he sells them out to the big agribusiness that would sell this country cheerfully into the crapper so long as they can have continued access to thier low wage slaves.

And of course, the coup de grace...
The heat the immigration issue generates was obvious when Cannon chided Jacob for being naive in his "throw the bums out" solution.
"It's a complicated world, John," Cannon said.
"When we talk about throwing the bums out," Jacob replied, "right now we are just talking about one bum."
Damn! I think I've got a woodie.

H/T Minuteman Blog

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