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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I. Don't. Care!

Source: NYT
Global Image of the U.S. Is Worsening, Survey Finds

WASHINGTON, June 13 — As the war in Iraq continues for a fourth year, the global image of America has slipped further, even among people in some countries closely allied with the United States, a new opinion poll has found.

Favorable views of the United States dropped sharply over the past year in Spain, where only 23 percent said they had a positive opinion, down from 41 percent last year, according to the survey. It was done in 15 nations, including the United States, this spring by the Washington-based Pew Research Center.

Other countries where positive views dropped significantly include India (56 percent, down from 71 percent); Russia (43 percent, down from 52 percent); and Indonesia (30 percent, down from 38 percent). In Turkey, only 12 percent said they held a favorable opinion, down from 23 percent last year.
Excuse me for a moment, okay, why in god's holy name would I give an airborne, furry, rat's patoot what these folks think?

I think a majority of the people in these countries are fundamentally brain damaged so, if they "don't like us" I believe I can carry on. Manfully, with a winsome expression on my craggy face!

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