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Friday, June 16, 2006


Okay, I just had a wacky thought and I believe I'm going to inflict it upon y'all...

As we talk about amnesty one of the primary arguments against is that we'll be seperating families.  Here's my thought.

So a guy robs a bank, gets away successfully, hides the money and keeps his head down.  Cut to several years later, he's used his ill gotten gains to open a business, gotten married, popped out a couple of rug rats and to all appearances is living the American dream.

One day John Walsh runs the security cam footage from the bank on America's most wanted and his pastor recognizes him and counsels him to turn himself in.

The question: Has his behavour since committing the crime in any way mitigated what he did in the past?

I think not.

In fact every day American citizens are scooped up for crimes they committed years ago.  No one, with the exception of defense attorneys, argues that they should be forgiven the crime, let alone that because they own a house and have a family they should be spared punishment for their former deeds.  And yet that is precisely the argument used by the pro-illegal folks against deportation, that it would inconvenience the criminals.

Does that make any sense whatsoever?

Why is it no matter how I look at this issue I see illegal aliens being treated with kid gloves and receiving special treatment and benefits that American citizens would never, ever receive?

Can somebody explain to me how this makes sense to our illegal fellating reps in Washington?

Or to the free trade pirates who insist that America would be nothing without illegal immigrants?!?!

Or the lefties who insist that it's the poor migrants right to break in and steal the American dream?

Cuz it's killing me!

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