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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's About Damn Time!

Welcome To America, Now Speak English goes live today at 1!

Here's the rest of the line up...

Wednesday’s Schedule

* 7am-9am CT Rick Moran from Right Wing Nut House
* 9am-11am CT Rick Ottianno from Release the Hounds
* 11am-1pm CT Gribbit from Gribbit Online
* 1pm-4pm CT Jake from Freedom Folks
* 4pm-6pm CT Cao from Cao’s blog
* 6pm-8pm CT Real Teen from Right on the Right
* 8pm-10pm CT Kender from Kender’s Musings
* 10pm-Midnight CT Kit and Heidi from Euphoric Reality

To listen go to WIDE AWAKES RADIO and click the listen live button on the upper left hand side.

Today I'll be talking about the misuse of the words -- racist, nativist and xenophobe.

In the second hour the topic will be -- NO MORE MEXICANS!

We will also be taking a look at Illegal immigration news.

And today's blogburst.

Tune in it should be a gas.

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