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Saturday, July 01, 2006

No Other Option?

Source: sanfranbizjournal

The San Fran Biz Journal brings us a story wherein we learn that we better let plenty more illegals in or there will be no cherries, no cherries people!
"[The claimed labor shortage is a result of] those crazy Minutemen and now the National Guard," [Joseph Ramazzotti, owner of Ramazzotti Vineyards & Wines in Geyserville] said of increasing border patrols.
You would be forgiven if you were left with the impression that illegal/serf/slave laborers were the only possible option here. But wait, there's more, in a seperate article we learn this...
Back at Drazdoff's farm, the farmer might soon have to decide between shifting to mechanical harvest and letting his crop rot. The migrant workers, who have brought in the harvest at his farm for decades, might be permanently replaced by picking machines.
Hm, so let's see, we could mechanize,  truly American solution, a wonderful use for tax dollars to kick start research and this would have the added benefit of reducing crew sizes allowing farmers to pay more and offer benefits.  Or, we could stick with slaves.

Seems like a no brainer to me.  What say you?

H/T and straight up theft from LoneWacko bringing us the crispy, chewy goodness!

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