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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Interesting Little Tidbit

Hold onto your butts. The minister who's harboring illegal alien Elvira Arellano at his Chicago church is...drumroll please...a "longtime left wing activist." No. I don't believe it.

Source: NewsBusters

On the Chicago Tribune's front page today is the story of an illegal immigrant who's taken refuge in a Chicago church to avoid deportation. The headline is "Act of faith, defiance" and the article includes a color photo of the woman and her son. Yesterday's Tribune coverage on the event noted: "The church's pastor, the Rev. Walter Coleman, said his congregation decided to offer Arellano refuge after praying about her plight.. . . 'She represents the voice of the undocumented, and we think it's our obligation, our responsibility, to make a stage for that voice to be heard,' he said."

Walter Coleman? Could that be Walter "Slim" Coleman, a longtime left wing activist? Yes, it is.

And what's interesting is the Tribune makes no mention of the Reverend's extensive background, much of it documented by the Tribune over the years.
Jake and I stopped by the vigil at Coleman's Adalberto United Methodist Church yesterday evening. We were in the neighborhood because, well, we live in the neighborhood. Jake even got an interview with Slim on video. He gave us the usual lefty line about how evil this administration is for splitting up families. No mention of Elvira taking responsibility for her actions -- re-entering the country illegally just 3 days after being deported the first time, and having been convicted of Social Security fraud.


I'd love to have seen the look on ol' Slim's face had we revealed that we are members of the Chicago Minuteman Project. We'll just call that OUR interesting little tidbit.

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