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Thursday, August 10, 2006

'Plot to blow up planes' foiled

Those darn "Religion of crispy pieces folks" are at it again.  They're so wacky!

Source: BBC
A major terrorist plot to blow up planes in mid-flight has been disrupted by police, Scotland Yard says.

It is thought the plan was to detonate explosive devices smuggled on board aircraft in hand luggage.

During the night, police arrested a number of people in London after a counter-terrorist operation they said had lasted several months.

Police believe the attacks would have been particularly targeted at flights from the UK to the US.

The Department for Transport said security at all UK airports has been increased.

Passengers on all flights will not be allowed to take any hand luggage on to any flights in the UK.

Only the barest essentials - including passports and wallets - will be allowed to be carried on board in transparent plastic bags.
Do they not mention that fact the perps are Muslims because...

A.) Duh! We should simply assume as much?


B.) That factor is completely irrelevent?

Remember, this is the Beeb we're talking about here.

H/T MsUnderestimated

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