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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Racist Minutemen

The folks over at Workers World would really like you to know what disgusting, fat racists the Minutemen are.

Some 325 immigrant rights delegates from 25 states met on August 11-13 in Hillside Ill., outside Chicago. The group named itself the “National Alliance for Immigrant Rights.”


Nineteen Minutemen vigilantes stood outside the conference at one point, their racist, pro-slavery Confederate flags flying, their anti-immigrant signs resting on their paunches.
Well, Jake and I were two of the Minutemen there. I'm behind the camera here, taking this shot of we racists waving our Confederate flags and using our hard-earned paunches as oh-so-convenient sign rests...

Wait just a minute. There are no Confederate flags here. And the Minutemen are holding those signs up like nobody's business.

Those pesky photographs! How is a good Socialist (yes, I know it's an oxymoron) supposed to get away with making up insulting shit if Minutemen are going to bring cameras to protests?!?

I guess that's why they always object when I get them on camera. I just hope you can sense the abyss-like depth of my regret from wherever you are.

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