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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

When Stupid People...


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K, so, like, this chick is like, you know, totally mad at Pat Buchanon*, see? And she doesn't like that he, like, you know, is saying bad things about mexicans, like, you know?
"Here Pat Buchanan deepens his case against illegal immigration (and his case for a moratorium on even legal immigration) with statistic after statistic concerning, among many topics, the shockingly disproportionate degree of disease and crime that illegal Mexican and other immigrants are transmitting into the country."
So, she like totally explainerates here...
I would like to point out, however, that those Mexicans of whom he speaks are likely coming down with diseases like TB (which he specifically harps upon if my understanding is correct) b/c they are being housed in coops similar to the ones housing the disease-ridden chickens that they are taking care of and we are eating. ALSO, the fact that we don't give them insurance, despite completely relying on them for our agrarian labor, might also have something to do with those supposed statistics...which by the way, I would really like to examine further (sociology has to be good for something, right?).
Okay, back to Jake voice now. So our little chickadee doesn't like that Pat Buchanon is suggesting that Mexican illegal aliens are bringing long ago vanquished diseases into this country. With a soft science degree in hand she, like totally (whoops!) deciderates that the ACTUAL reason Mexican illegal aliens are carrying these diseases is due to their being confined in coops like chickens?


But be not dismayed folks, she will have her (low IQ) revenge...
...And definitely smarter than the people that believe the racist, xenophobic dribble promulgated by freakin Pat Buchanan, who I personally challenge to a dance off - the loser will have to be exiled to Mexico (I figure it's a win/win situation for me that way)...although losing a dance-off to Pat Buchanan would really be the biggest embarrassment of my life.
Would someone buy this, ahem, college grad a dictionary, please?

Okay, new question: can a fact be xenophobic?

You ask me? PB would kick her ass on the dance floor! But that's just me.

*PB is not exactly our favorite person around here these days, but I'll defend even him from an attack this retarded.

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