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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Immigration Lies Deconstructed...

While U wait!


Have a hankie handy? You'll need it...(immigration lies bolded for ease)
Trailer parks lie abandoned. The poultry plant is scrambling to replace more than half its workforce. Business has dried up at stores where Mexican laborers once lined up to buy food, beer and cigarettes just weeks ago.

This Georgia community of about 1,000 people has become little more than a ghost town since Sept. 1, when federal agents began rounding up illegal immigrants.

The sweep has had the unintended effect of underscoring just how vital the illegal immigrants were to the local economy.
You're probably wondering, how is this a lie, right?

Illegal immigrants are not "vital" to the economy by accident you see, so the way this is presented, as if this just "happened,' out of the blue, like a tidal wave is, to put it charitably, a lie.

Meat packing plants have been following a labor strategy since the sixties which emphasized reducing wages and lowering workplace safety norms. It has been wildly successful.

The first step was to move the processing plants to remote locations where it would be difficult to find adequate help, though these areas are also known for lower wages this isn't why the plants were located where they are. They were located where they are so the plants could argue convincingly that they were unable to find enough citizens to do the jobs and begin importing illegals.

An example...
In July[1997], the INS apprehended 72 Mexican and 33 Guatemalans at a Tyson Foods poultry processing plant in Ashland, Alabama. The Ashland police chief reportedly welcomed the raid, because the "town was becoming overrun with illegal aliens." He estimated that 500 of the 2,400 local residents were immigrants. Tyson, with 1,100 employees, is the second largest employer in Clay county, which has a population of 13,600.
If you know your history, meat packing plants used to be primarily located near big cities, a normal process of streamlining occurred after the end of the great wave consolidating plants and workforces using new technology to reduce costs. This was a good thing as operations became more profitable while employees were better compensated and safer. An equitable and dare I say, American situation.

Then the predations began. As Americans retired or fired, or saw the ethical employers driven out of business, they were replaced by a third world labor force. That force now experiences more than a 100% turnover rate annually! As the jobs stand now, they truly are "jobs Americans won't do." At least for sane Americans.

An example...
Jobs have so deteriorated that it is difficult to keep workers - whether native-born Americans or immigrants. Stress-related disorders and injuries drive many workers off the jobs within months. During the 1990s, annual turnover rates of 50 to 100 percent have been common. Meatcutters now are injured 400 percent more often than workers in the average U.S. industry. In terms of injuries, meatpacking in the 1990s had become the most dangerous industry in America.
The key thing to remember here is this, our government, the media, leftist/Hispanic activists, big business interests would have you believe that illegal immigrants just floated into this country like dandelion fluff. The truth of the matter is somewhat different, a vast majority were recruited in Mexico to come here and supplant Americans in the jobs they were currently doing.

An example...
But by the 1980s, the pool of foreign workers had grown so large that relatively new companies could use them to undercut the established unionized firms. The new corporations busted unions and slashed wages so that the old giants of the industry - Armour, Swift, Wilson and Cudahy - could not compete while honoring their contracts to provide safe, middle-class jobs to their workers. All four eventually got out of the slaughterhouse business.
In other words this is bullshit. These companies must be forced, again, to hire Americans at decent wages. For the historically ignorant, yes, we've already gone through this once already, what a treat to have to do it again and for the exact same reasons. Though ironically the first time around, the left was pro labor! (sorry GTL! I still love you!)

H/T immigration watchdog

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