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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What's Bigger Than Stupid?

Source: Bostonherald

PETA to the rescue! Leaps to defense of ‘gentle’ cockroaches in Six Flags promotion (Stupidity beyond which life cannot survive bolded for your reading pleasure)

Cockroaches have feelings too!
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals want all Six Flags theme parks, including the one in Massachusetts, to exterminate an upcoming cockroach-eating extravaganza.
Cockroaches have been given a bad (reputation) in our society,” said PETA spokeswoman Jackie Vergerio. “They are gentle, complex animals.
Six Flags parks around the country starting Saturday will give anyone who eats a live, hissing Madagascar cockroach line-jumping privileges as part of its Halloween FrightFest promotion.

Melissa Pinkerton, public relations manager for Six Flags New England in Agawam, said the cockroaches will be brought out on silver platters on weekends through October.
And she has no doubt people will belly up for bugs if it means a sweet place in line.
“I’m sure it’s going to be a big hit because we do have the No. 1 coaster on the planet,” she said, adding that cockroaches are actually high in protein and low in fat and totally safe to eat.
Vergerio, the PETA spokeswoman, called the promotion a “tired, recycled gag from ‘Fear Factor,’ ” referring to a gross-out NBC reality show in which contestants complete disgusting tasks, such as ingesting insects, to get ahead.
People are disgusted by this and can’t believe it’s going on,” she said.
Pinkerton, the Six Flags spokeswoman, said the idea started last year at a Seattle Six Flags park and was so popular they tried it nationwide. She said nothing will squash it now.
“We are going forward with this promotion,” she said.
One grows tired of saying it again, but, if one would rather not be treated as a retarded freak?  It might help to not act like a retarded freak.  Just a thought.

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