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Sunday, September 24, 2006

SOS Protest National City: Elderly SOS'er Pushed Down By Police And Arrested

Source: SOS

Members of SOS and the Minutemen protested the proposed sanctuary law of National City today, another formerly American city...

Ooooh, so scary these MM and SOS folks.

And of course, the surest way to signify your undying love to your new homeland is to wave the Mexican flag? (In studying the photos again I cannot find a single American flag on the other side, quick, let's give them amnesty!)

Just a dab of the crazy reconquista sentiment'll do ya! (It's a little hard to make out, I know, guy in the middle, his sign reads..."Got history, this IS Mexican land")

Man, the other side was a bunch of clowns, literally!

An elderly member of SOS was pushed to the ground by the police then arrested for same.

Video here. Another angle here. (The video is a little chaotic, I watched it several times and the police clearly give a command to move then immediately push forward with their nightsticks extended crosswise. But it is clear they knock the guy down and then yank him out and cuff him.)

A final thought.

Many more pix and reports here.

Helluva job guys! We're mighty proud of ya!

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