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Saturday, September 23, 2006

When Smart People Agree...

With me!

Once upon a time I made a comment on my ill fated radio show (which may return!) that...

"If you're a conservative who supports amnesty, you're a fool and a coward and you're not a conservative"

Now James Kurth at the American Conservtive finally jumps on the Jake-o-icious bandwagon, good to have you onboard Jim...
Of course, U.S. agricultural and manufacturing businesses want to hire illegal immigrants, too. However, the really animated core of the political lobby that supports illegal immigration—its mass base, so to speak—is composed of rich homeowners, who desperately want someone to do their dirty work and to do it cheaply. Although they are the largest beneficiaries of the American way of life, including the rule of law, when it comes to the issue of illegal immigration, the rich do everything they can to undermine the American way for the vast majority of other Americans. There is nothing conservative about these actions by the rich; rather, the true conservatives are the less well-off who oppose illegal immigration and who are trying to preserve (and conserve) what was once an established and respected order.
H/T Vdare

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