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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Third World Momentum

Source: potomacnews
The government of El Salvador has chosen Woodbridge as one of three locations nationwide to release a new form of identification to its nationals in the U.S. The choice to issue the ID in Woodbridge, alongside the traditional immigrant magnets of Los Angeles and Long Island, N.Y., highlights the region's rapid, growing pull for Salvadoran immigrants. The Woodbridge center processing the "Unique Identification Document" - DUI by its Spanish acronym - is located in the same shopping center as the Salvadoran consulate, the newest of 16 nationwide, that opened last year.
Sweet, following in Mexico's footsteps El Salvador will be offering an "Illegal Immigrant" card to rival the Mexican Matricular Consular.  Also, why is it that only Latin countries are flooding us with new consulates?

Is it because they're just so service oriented they couldn't stand the idea of even one Illegal Alien, I mean, El Salvadoran waiting in line for more than five minutes before receiving their "send money home NOW card?

This is Third World Momentum folks and it's speeding up.  The question is will last ditch efforts like the Hazelton laws et al come in time, or is it already too late?

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