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Saturday, September 23, 2006

War between the U.S. and Mexico?

Source: the conservative voice

Bill Calhoun has a piece up detailing his thoughts on a war between Mexico and the US...
Discussion of illegal immigration and the invasion of illegal immigrants have given speculation how a second Mexican-American war would look. A former Army officer recently said to me, "It definitely wouldn’t be a conventional war. Considering that already so many of the enemy are within the United States, it would be an unconventional war to say the least."

Mexicans certainly have their allies. As was reported recently by various agencies, Arabic terrorists are sneaking into the United States disguised as Hispanics. They look just like Mexicans and they speak fluent Spanish too. The Mexican military and Mexican cartels are aiding them in training camps to learn Spanish and to blend into Hispanic culture. Sheriffs in Texas have recently found Iranian currency, military badges in Arabic, clothes and other Arabic items along the banks of the Rio Grande River. Someone who has spent much time on the border recently said to me, "You know, it is really shocking how many Mexicans support these terrorists. They seem to admire them."

Mexicans also have aligned themselves with other Hispanic groups, like MS13, and have access to firearms, grenades, artillery, and possibly even backpack nukes. In recent years twenty million Mexicans have already invaded the United States. Believing in Aztlan, they plan to reclaim the Southwestern United States. Gangs, crime, disease, and hatred run rampant. It is a zero-sum game, and Mexicans believe that time is on their side for reclaiming the Southwestern United States.
Do I think there will be war between the United States and Mexico, no, I don't. Mexico is far too dependent on us to start a shooting war. However, if things keep moving in the direction they seem to be moving with average Americans demanding an end to illegal immigration I think something violent will happen.

Whether it's a sustained operation or a series of singular events remains to be seen. But he goes on in the second to last paragraph...
And considering that many Hispanics are in the ranks of the U.S. military, and would side with their fellow Hispanics in this war, the U.S. military would be engaged in a "civil war of sorts." The U.S. military would break down into two separate armies. Therefore, the U.S. military wouldn’t be completely reliable, and thus your average citizen would have to take up arms, join militias, and defend his homeland.
On this point I think I must disagree with the author, I'm sure a small number will put ethnicity before country, some always do, but the majority? No, I really don't think so. I'm as concerned as anyone about the threat that's been allowed into this country by weak willed politicians and their corporate overlords, but that is no reason to impugn the brave men and women who serve this country with distinction.

You want a real world reason why our army might be ineffective in a guerrila action such as the author describes?

How about the ACLU? Or MALDEF? Now these are true ethnic enemies of this country. They would do everything in their considerable power to weaken and degrade our ability to protect ourselves. As they do every day right now as we speak.

we have plenty of real world enemies without being paranoid.

H/T CMPblog

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