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Sunday, September 24, 2006

The New (Remarkably Stupid) Americans

Source: azcentral
Student expelled for Mexican flag incident wants to return
(Remarkable stupidity bolded for your reading pleasure, some light fisking may occur.)

Note: this photo is not of the related incident.
A high school student expelled after trying to raise a Mexican flag on campus and getting in a shoving match with other students wants to return to school.

Adam Garcia was arrested, jailed for a night, placed under house arrest for a month and expelled from Apache Junction High School in the wake of the March incident, which happened at the height of this year’s marches and protests over immigration.

Students in a Navy junior ROTC program intervened as Garcia tried to raise the flag early that day, taking it down. When he tried to raise it a second time, one boy grabbed the flag and set it afire.Police said a shoving match ensued, and both boys were arrested. The ROTC student was placed under a 6 p.m. curfew until his court date, while Garcia was placed under house arrest until his. Both were eventually placed on probation.

The other boy, who is white, returned to school. Officials said federal laws prevent them from saying if he was expelled.

“They’re racist,” Garcia said. “That other kid, he got out free with nothing on him.”
He also wasn't raising a Mexican flag over American soil, in fact he was trying to stop your sorry, un-American ass from doing so repeatedly, I think he should receive a medal.  Oh, and notice how this knucklehead has been trained to reach into his quiver of leftist rhetoric and emerge unerringly with an accusation of racism.  Nice, so very nice.
District spokeswoman Carol Shepherd said previous discipline problems can contribute to a decision to expel a student, and said the discipline imposed on all the students involved was appropriate.

Garcia, 17, acknowledges he was previously suspended, and court records show an arrest for disorderly conduct. He said the arrest was the result of a fight with his father. Garcia said he was trying to make a point, not cause a fight, when he raised the flag. He said the school was had simmering racial tensions.
And yet, oddly, Americans were offended by your continued boneheaded attempts to raise the flag of your real country, how about that?
“Everyone keeps on complaining about Mexicans coming here,” Garcia said. “They don’t know I’m American. I was born in the United States. I wanted to put up the flag to show everyone that no matter where we’re from, we should respect everyone.”……
There's something wrong with the first sentence of the last paragraph, what could it be?  Let's take another look...
“Everyone keeps on complaining about Mexicans coming here,”
Doesn't it seem like something is missing?  Something important?

How about this...
“Everyone keeps on complaining about Mexicans coming here ILLEGALLY,”
I think we may be onto something here.

Your NEW AMERICANS folks, ain't they special?

H/T immigration watchdog

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