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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

An Automation PAC?

Source: Steve Sailor

This is a truly outstanding idea...
What is the pro-immigrant segment of business? Restaurants, hotels, farmers, mortgage lenders, etc. Who are low-IQ immigration's natural enemies? Companies that make labor-saving machines, or products and services that are in higher demand when unskilled labor is expensive. Roomba, you mentioned automated car washes, I don't know any of the manufacturers, I really don't know who else, but maybe they should organize a PAC, it'd be in their long-term interest to increase the demand for machines. Any company that makes agricultural machines must be hurt by immigration. Talk-up turning jobs Americans "won't do" into jobs that no one will have to do. It sounds progressive, not racist.
Now add this to the mix...
In a green bean field near Fowler, hundreds of metal fingers on a machine are doing what 66-year-old Joe Santellano's fingers did decades ago when he harvested beans in the San Jose area.
Now, when you think of harvesting machines what price range comes to mind? Mind you, wierdos that we are we spent part of an anniversary trip at the John Deere museum, really. And at the museum there are price tags on the machines, with lots of little zeros, LOTS of zeros.

So, how much?

Take a guess, It'll be fun.

How about this...
Plagued by rising costs for labor and worker shortages, the packinghouse bought the $28,500 harvester this year.
Um, I might be crazy but, $28,500? For a business? That isn't an unthinkable amount of money by any stretch of the imaginaton. In fact I've been involved with kitchen and restaurant renos that ran well into hundreds of thousands and nobody batted an eyelash.

So we're supposed to swoon because these cheap...greedy...sassafrassa no good, slave lovin' coots just don't want to pay the going rate to keep their businesses competitive, oh, I didn't mention that according to economist William Bailey in Farm Week...
"American agriculture faces intense global competition. The effect of encouraging the continued use of inexpensive immigrant labor may have the unintended consequence of reducing the competitiveness of American agriculture."
And that mechanization would most likely reduce injuries in this most physical labor...
An advantage of the platform approach, Elkins said, is that it could broaden the pool of workers, adding some who are unable or unwilling to wrestle with long ladders in the orchards. Moreover, it may cut down on workers' compensation claims.
Huh, so it would raise wages, and reduce injuries, I know, let's just scream racism until these crazy ideas just go away.

How would that be?

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