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Monday, October 09, 2006

What Say You....

Just got this via email...
American blood has been shed on American soil by illegal aliens, principally from Mexico and other Latin American countries.

Historically and legally, President Polk established the precedent and is understood as a sufficient cause for war and active hostilities.

WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America do hereby give humane and
due warning to all men and women residing illegally in this country to evacuate immediately. Safe conduct will be respected for any illegal alien that chooses to evacuate the United States to the international border. They shall not be detained or delayed, nor shall their children or their personal property be encumbered in any way.

Persons residing in the United States illegally who chose to ignore this warning assume direct personal responsibility for the SAFETY of themselves and their families and may FORFEIT all rights to property owned or in their possession. Persons who ignore the warning to evacuate may also be declared enemy aliens of the United States and subject to all penalties as may be prescribed by law.

(If anyone wants to translate this to spanish and distribute it to persons who need to read it, it would be a public service.)
Good plain common sense or crazy talk?

What say you?

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