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Monday, October 09, 2006

He's A Smooth Operator

Source: azstarnet  H/T Lonewacko

In what would be an odd turn in a sane world John McCain has given his endorsement to Randy Graf, the same Randy Graf whom the (R)'s recently yanked a million campaign smackers from...
"Randy Graf's record as a state representative has demonstrated his commitment to the values important to the people of Arizona... His voting record on issues such as supporting our military, reducing taxes and reining in election and welfare fraud bodes well for his future in the U.S. Congress... I urge the voters of the 8th district to support him on November 7th. It would be a pleasure to work with him in Washington."
Why would tricky J Mc do this?

S'all about bein' president homes, let me break it down. A couple of months ago John McCain bruised his tender knees attempting to please his big business masters who control the purse strings of the GOP (and the (D)'s as well) and love illegal immigration, and other than some rather dim witted folks are about the only ones who do. Mr. McCain's willingness to embarrass himself in public was an inspiration to those self same business interests who would love to see Johnny boy ascend to the land's highest elected office.

Now here's what (allegedly) the (R)'s are saying about Randy Graf...
If something freakish were to happen in the next few weeks and this guy were actually to get elected, it would be a disaster for us. Right-wing tirades in a border area like this make Republicans look like crackers. With more and more people coming to live in Arizona and many of them at least slightly liberal, Republicans can’t afford to sound like racists.”
Not to mention...
The Republican National Committee pulled $1 million in funding from Graf’s war chest in recent days, while retiring Republican moderate Rep. Jim Kolbe has withheld his endorsement.
As Vdare sez...
What might happen if the $1 million were spent? Very clearly, this is a victory the Republican Establishment does not want.
Indeed, yet the MAVERICK (I want you to hear NASCAR style echoes every time you see that word) J Mc plunges forward madly to endorse Mr. Graf, hmmm, one wonders why?

Certainly, after all the smack he's talked J Mc can't believe enforcement is popular with the American people, now can he?

What saddens me is that J Mc thinks you're dumb enough to vote him president based on something as retarded as this. Those beltway blinders must be pretty darn effective!

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