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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

When Smoking Crack...

Maybe you should lay off the commenting!

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A big brouhaha in the blogosphere today was a perhaps ill conceived comment by Michelle Malkin that if President Bush pocket vetoed the Secure Fence Act she might sit out the next election.  It was a dumb thing to say, I agree with that, I will vote for this guy before I don't vote at all (actually, he'd probably be a hoot, but that's another day).

As Michelle is a classy lady she updated the post and acknowledged her mistake.  While at memeorandum I clicked through to some of the sites linking, one was macsmind.  His point was well taken...
I do know that there are guys and gals who are fighting their ass off in Iraq and Afghanistan right now, just as I and other vets have.

Get your ass out and vote.
Fair enough and no argument there. But reading through the comments I came to these...
I just don’t understand Malkin and her supporters. She was one of the main causes of turning the border issue into a “hate Bush” issue. And why? The President presented a 5-point plan which included much of what she wanted. More actually, so she is acting like a spoiled brat.
Perhaps if your nose wasn't glued to the president's tush you would be aware of the multitude of LIES the man has spun on this issue. Whatever the opposite of BDS is you got it buddy, and frankly it's not one whit prettier. "Included much of what she wanted?" Really? What exactly would that be pointdexter, cuz it looked and looks like a sad slo-mo replay of '86 to anyone paying attention.

Oh, your not paying attention? My bad.

Now onto the scary one...
When ever I hear or see this kind of nasty crapola non-stop coming out against President Bush…I then think of Our Lord Jesus Christ. He was hated completely by the world especially men in his own country.

Jesus said: Joh 15:18 If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.
It is a truly deluded and dangerous thing to ever place a politician on that kind of pedestal. I do not hate president Bush, we have some major disagreements. But comparing him to Jesus? Nope, uh-uh, not gonna happen. You say he's a good/great/wonderful man being beat up by nasty unfairniks like myself and Michelle Malkin.


Then explain this por favor.

Macsmind sez in this post that he doesn't like the illegal immigration issue, especially not as an election year issue. He says furthermore "Get the hell over it, it didn’t get this bad overnight, it ain’t getting fixed overnight, it’s not going to get fixed by staying home."

Know what MM? If the president wanted to he could start enforcing the wholly adequate law right now, but he won't do that will he? But you're perfectly okay with that and I think I can guess at your argument, and I've attempted to argue my

I, along with a whole piss pot full of folks are growing dangerously weary of "but our guy sucks less." It's not a winning argument, I am at best an indifferent Republican, I make no bones about that fact, I am a conservative, and I'm not smelling much conservative stink coming off the Republican party these days. I'm also sick to death of them playing with the very make up of our nation without listening to the American people.

Of course I'm not saying I have any intention of voting Democrat or staying home, but the point remains, when the options reach a certain level of crappy people start looking for an alternative, any alternative.

A point I have made many times, and I think it bears repeating, this issue is the one that will implode the Republican party. This is slavery for the Whigs, though many try to deny what looks like a lead pipe cinch to me.  And it is the Republicans not the Democrats who will pay a price for inaction here, or did you think all the leftists our president is busy importing will magically turn into little (R)'s simply because they stand on sacred American soil. For god's sake, grow the F up!!

This is an existential issue as well, even if it curls your liberally trained short hairs, and we need to learn how to talk about it honestly before it destroys this nation. And telling me gruffly that "I'm crazy" isn't moving the conversation along, you see, because the only explanation I'm hearing from your side is that you "don't like this conversation."

I would assume if you served you have a set, and this issue will demand that.  Yes, the threat from Islam is an existential one, and until someone convinces me otherwise I think illegal immigration is as well.

I have three things to say in closing, while I respect the hell out of your service sir or ma'am, and that's no joke, but if you haven't stood at a protest with the Minutemen and seen what we face out there you have absolutely no idea whatsoever of what your talking about on this issue.  And before you talk smack about the minutemen chuckles I would remind you that almost all I know are vets and damn fine men and women (in other words you can't throw down the vet card in your post and not honor it for the next guy, capeesh?).

Secondly, how often is it that a republican president is so eerily in sync with communists? Oh, it's not a 100% lock, in fact I'd call it about 75-80% or so, but still, does that not strike anyone as odd?  I mean, can you name another issue where we saw that kind of overlap between the Republican party and Communists or Socialists?  Because I can't, I really can't.

And finally, didn't the Republicans used to be the conservative party?  I know I'm not always good about drinking the party kool-aid but, didn't conservatives used to be, ya know, law and order types?

If that's no longer the case please tell me who that might be so I can vote for them.

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