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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lucky Reporter Sets MJ Off

If you've been here before -- EVER -- you know where we stand on illegal immigration in general and Elvira Arellano in particular. You know that we work day in and day out fighting illegal immigration in our own way...blogging, protesting, writing to our elected officials, voting, etc.

For our efforts, we get called all kinds of names by those who would like to argue the issue but don't actually have, well, an argument. Hence the rabid name calling and attempts to shut us down when we exercise OUR right to free speech. You handle it with a smile and move on. They hate that.

But every once in a while someone pushes your buttons and you just have to respond. I reached that point today, and it had nothing to do with a skinny anarchist who's so proud of his opinion that he hides behind a mask and makes his point by letting the air out of our tires. It was a reporter, and it was a small thing, really, but something that irks me on a daily basis.

Rob Johnson of Chicago's CBS2 (Source: CBS2 Chicago) just managed to trip my switch with one little phrase -- "anti-immigration forces" -- in a story on Elvira Arellano. Must be his lucky day, because this is what he got from me...

In fairness, you are only one of many reporters, and yours is only one of many stories, about which I could lodge this complaint. You just got lucky.

Here is my question:

Why do you insist on referring to me, and others who demand that our government fix our illegal immigration problem, as "anti-immigrant?"

I, along with most Americans, believe Elvira should be deported. Not because we have anything whatsoever against immigrants, but because we believe that the enforcement of our laws is crucial to the health of this nation, and that the flood of illegal aliens who come, live, and work here is hurting our citizens and legal immigrants.

Bottom line: Elvira knew she was entering the country illegally the first time. She was deported. She immediately re-entered the country illegally. She chose to have her child in this country. She was caught and convicted of Social Security fraud, for which she was ordered deported. She got multiple reprieves from deportation. When the day finally came, years after her conviction, when she was supposed to turn herself in for deportation, she holed up in a church to demand that she be allowed to stay in this country.

You seem to have no trouble referring to me and my fellow law-abiding, patriotic Americans as "anti-immigrant."

How about a little honesty when it comes to Elvira? She is not a helpless victim. She made the choices she made, and now she's upset at the very suggestion that she pay the price for her actions.

She's only too happy to bring Saul into the discussion. You know what? So am I.

The media loves to portray her as a victim, and as a mother who only wants what is best for her son. Then why did she knowingly and willfully put her precious little boy in this position? She can blame the government, the president, and the "anti-immigrants" until she's blue in the face. She bears full responsibility for the situation she and her son are in now.

It doesn't surprise me that she'll do anything not to admit that. It does, however, disappoint me that reporters like you do Americans like me a great disservice by misrepresenting us as the bad guys.

Michelle Jacobsen
Anti-ILLEGAL-Immigration Activist
That's all I have to say about that.

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