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Friday, October 13, 2006

Personal Responsibility

By James Kotthoff (We are pleased to announce Jim has become a regular contributor with his name on the sidebar and every damn thing!)

While watching the end of CSI last night I heard something that really surprised me. While talking about a group of teens who went on a assault/robbery spree they actually brought up the issue of personal responsibility. Not a common theme on prime time network television to say the least. So I started think about the issue and American society.

Now I realize I am from an older generation and personal responsibility was stressed in my upbringing. But I have to ask the question of when personal responsibility went out of fashion. Our society and media teaches that whatever you do it is not your fault. Society, the government, your parents etc are to blame. Or you have an illness..I.E. drug abuse, pedophilia, alcoholism and many other issues are laid at the feet of illness. We have become a society that seems incapable of accepting that we are responsible for our choices and the results.
Now I may be way of base but I think that you can lay them blame for most of this attitude at the feet of the secular-progressive movement. Also former President Clinton, Teddy Kennedy, public education, The ACLU and many other high profile individuals and organizations. It is sad to see the moral values of today‘s youth and realize that someday they will be the ones in charge. Now to avoid confusion when I talk about moral values I am not speaking in a religious tone but a standard of behavior. The role models available for today‘s youth are lacking in what used to be called character. From athletes to movie stars. From parents to politicians. You see self-centered and egocentric behavior glorified. What does it say about a society in which personal gratification trumps responsible behavior?

The values that made America a great nation are disappearing. Look back to your parents and grandparents generations. The values of personal responsibility, self discipline, hard work and concern for others is rapidly being replaced. Now it is acceptable to lie, cheat, steal and use others as long as you get yours. And if you get caught no need to feel shame, just pass the blame to someone else.

I hear all the time that the world is not black and white but shades of gray. I respectfully disagree. Some issues are clearly black and white using children for your own pleasure is wrong,. Murder, rape, assault, robbery are all clearly wrong. Driving drunk or high is wrong. Illegally entering the country, using someone else’s identity are wrong. So clearly the world does have absolutes.

It is time for all of us to accept responsibility for the choices we make and the consequences that result from those choices.

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