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Thursday, October 12, 2006

More On Crime Cartels

Source: signs on san diego  H/T Lonewacko

The city of Pahrump Nevada is considering a Hazelton style ordinance to deal with illegal immigration.


However the local crime cartels, in this case banks, who profit off illegal immigration aren't happy...
"How do I do business in Pahrump with an ordinance like this?" said Bill Martin, president of Nevada State Bank, which has two branches in the fast-growing town an hour's drive west of Las Vegas. [...later in the article he says:] "If somebody pays a landscaper with a check, and it's a good check, and the landscaper comes in to cash the check, are we breaking the law if we cash the check? ...If they (customers) look Hispanic, do I ID them? Can I profile? I don't think so... [ordinances like the current one] has been done around the country... They've actually seen businesses pick up and leave. Some of the towns ... have suffered because of these ordinances."
Since when is it "profiling" to demand proper ID before cashing a check? Answer: It isn't, hell it can't be! Banks "profile" customers every day, it's called asking for proper ID, liquor stores, car rental shops and video rental emporiums are all part of this evil cabal.

Count banks among the many businesses to have been utterly corrupted by illegal aliens. Let me say it again, if a business has to do illegal things to stay in business do we have any compelling interest in keeping them around?

Hold that thought because an even larger crime family wants a taste of the action...
As U.S. leaders craft policies to curb illegal immigration from Mexico, the U.S. Federal Reserve is devising programs to extend banking services to undocumented immigrants. A new remittance program aims to bring Mexican migrants who send money home into the mainstream U.S. financial system, regardless of their immigration status. *snip*

"People who didn't have bank accounts establish a relationship with us," says James Maloney, chairman of Mitchell Bank in Milwaukee, one of the first banks to offer the Federal Reserve Bank's remittance plan. "It's great for our business."
Now I want to put a bug in your ear. This is the federal gub'mint, the same folks who allege they will solve this problem? And what are they doing here? Entrenching the problem deeper and making it harder to solve. They don't want to solve this problem, the federal gub'mint has made certain decisions such as replenishing the US population via Mexico, I think it really is that simple and they don't give a fig what you think about this radical experiment in demographics.

Fence bill? please don't be a child. That fence will be built on the fourteenth of kiss my ass and not a moment sooner. And even if it were built why do you think it's the length it is? Deportations? Will continue at the slow trickling nonsensical pace currently on display, why? Because the government doesn't want to, and the word obdurate is part of the definition of government.

Their doing what they must to placate and soothe, not to solve the problem but to continue on in this mad funhouse that's become the open revolt and warfare our government is waging on us, the American people.

Here's what I say. We need to scare the ever bleepin' crap out of these folks, they need to understand that this illicit profit may come with a cost. How? Well, when the government won't enforce the law, in fact becomes one of the bad guys it becomes incumbent on us to put a stop to this criminal activity.

In whatever way necessary. Let's walk through it again, these are not banks, they are criminal enterprises, they have chosen a life of crime. I would feel bad for them if it wasn't so abundantly clear that they are lost beyond redemption. This isn't our government any longer, it is an assemblage of power that pretends to serve when in truth it rules capriciously.

I sense the discomfort folks feel when I write a piece like this, but what's your solution? Writing a stern note to the bank, our gub'mint? I would wager that somewhere on the order of twenty five percent of American business has been corrupted by illegal immigration. Twenty five percent! Maybe more, and lord knows our government has long ago thrown it's weight behind enabling criminals, now it seeks to join in the profitable fun of slavery.

It is time and past time for vigilantes to do their unpleasant work.

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