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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Creeping Menace

Or, found in comments. In this piece I mentioned that we had tried to hire only citizens but most likely failed. Alert reader "eh" takes me to task (I include the relevant section of the piece as well)...
On the fateful day four Hispanic gentlemen showed up and these guys were pigs for work. They knocked it out in no time flat. I was in awe of them. I'm pretty sure one of them was illegal, but as we had zero wiggle room in our schedule we had to let it slide.

...we had to let it slide.

I see. I suppose contractors, who face the prospect of being underbid if they don't use cheaper illegal labor, can also be forgiven for doing so, wouldn't you say? After all, their livelihood is at stake. Yet it is just this systemaic 'sliding', along with a look the other way attitude, that has helped illegals get established here, and enticed more of them to come. To the clear disadvantage of Americans who have to compete with them for jobs.

Okay, fair enough, we deserve one crack, but I would say only one and I'll tell you why and why this situation is radically different than how you paint it "eh".

First of all as I stated in the piece, "we tried to be diligent and live our standards." What's that mean? It means we asked at the moving company if they hired illegals, they assured us they didn't. We had no option of inspection before hand. To not have moved on that day would have ruined us financially, so yeah, we had to bend. We weren't ecstatic about it, but that's real life.

Here's the comparison I would make. We were like the company who tried to be diligent. Used the "Basic Pilot" program, yet eventually found they had illegals on staff. This does happen I'm sure. I can't be all that angry at a person who tried and failed, but tried. As opposed to a person who simply does the wrong thing in the first place and doesn't care.

I take your point though and consider us duly chastised.

And other than that I couldn't agree more "eh", thanks for commenting.

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