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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

NYT: Mmmm, Tasty Jaguars!

Source: Duh! H/T Lonewacko

The NYT's has a piece up suggesting that...
...And then there is the fence. If the Border Patrol builds a 700-mile barrier in the region to deter illegal immigration, the natural corridors used by jaguars and other migratory wildlife will be cut off...

...An environmental group based in Tucson, however, the Center for Biological Diversity, does not think enough is being done to protect the jaguar. When the United States Fish and Wildlife Service announced in July that it would not declare parts of New Mexico and Arizona critical habitat for jaguars — arguing that the animals do not breed there — the group filed an intent to sue. The matter rests in federal court.

Of course, if the Border Patrol built an effective barrier in the mountains where jaguars cross into the United States, "it'd be all over," said Jon Schwedler of the Northern Jaguar Project. "You could kiss the jaguar goodbye."
Well, the first and most obvious question that everybodies overlooking here: Are Jaguars good kissers?

Sorry, sorry, I'm just in one of those moods tonight! Sort of a Shecky Green meets Robert Conrad thing.

I want you to imagine a nature type television program now, hushed announcer, all that...

"Right Bill, the Jaguar is a crafty bugger, low slung and built with explosive speed he can survive just about anything you can throw at him. Hardy and adaptable he and his clan will always find a way unless it's something humans do, then it's lights out sluggo, cuz no one can survive "The Wall."

Yeah right, tell you what you tree hugging jack-asses, let me tell you how this is really going to play, then you might like the wall....

"Tonight on Spanish language television "The Jaguar Eater." Tonight the Jaguar Eater tracks his prey through tons of trash left on the border by brave campesinos before sharing tasty recipes for jaguars."

Um, heh!

Lonewacko has more on the retarded, did I say retarded? I'm sorry, I meant to say asinine groups behind this nonsense.

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