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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Look Out Pravda...

You's be gettin' some compoteetion!

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You're really going to like this one.  MJ likes to reminisce about a marketing class she once took where they studied Pravda headlines such as "USSR BEATS FRANCE" when in actuality they had come in second.  This is at least as good...
MTSU poll: 4 out of 10 disagree that illegalized foreigners make life worse
Um, fellas, do the phrases "stood on it's head," or perhaps "lying BS" have any resonance in that illegal fellating little bubble you inhabit?


Yeah, we're shocked, really!

Here's an interesting nugget from the study...
Attitudes towards immigrants not improved by politically correct terminology. A majority (52%) think immigration is a good thing, but 53% also want to reduce levels. In an experiment, fully 60% think 'illegal' immigrants make life worse, while another 58% say 'undocumented' immigrants make life worse." Education is the best predictor of thinking immigration is generally a good thing, ranging from 67% for those with college degrees or better to 52% for those with some college or trade school and just 36% of those with high school educations or less. Job competition might explain this finding to some degree.
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