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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oh, I See, It Would Only Work "Over There?"

Source: American Daily

Warner Todd Houston has an amusing piece up looking at the differing reactions to a fence that seem to depend on where that fence is to be built...
Anyone paying even scant attention to the debates about border fences or security walls has seen the constant nay saying of their efficacy by opponents. It seems that most in the media maintain that border fences or walls do not work. It is also a favorite rallying cry from the anti-security and pro-illegal alien forces on the American left not to mention those who have a penchant for attacking anything the Israelis do.

Fences don't work. We hear it with just about every story.
He offers several examples of folks suggesting an Israeli or American fence simply cannot work, it won't be effective. Then it gets a little screwy...
The United Arab Emirates is building a similar wall along its border with Oman -- mainly to keep out illegal migrants.
Nowhere in on or around this article does any expert pop up and begin prattling about fences not working, or Berlin walls. Nope, when you build them "over there" it seems they gain a frightening efficiency that they would lack here, or something like that.

He winds up...
Interesting is it not? Interesting in that it might appear that the anti-fence crowd really is not against a fence per se, but merely against anything their opponents propose. And simply being "against" is not sufficient enough reason to oppose a fence, is it?
Interesting indeed!

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