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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Critics Say Immigration Parody Song Is Racist

Source: cbs11tv
A central Texas country music band has produced a song that they say is a humorous spoof on a serious subject - illegal immigration, but critics say its fueling racism.

In Waco the song is rubbing some Hispanics the wrong way.

At one club, its dance night and the audience is waiting for one song - "So Long Texas - Hello Mexico."

The song conjures up a Texas cowboy moving to Mexico to live off the Mexican government. The lyrics have the cowboy singing about how turn-about is fair play with Mexicans illegally moving here.

Singer Johnnie Bradshaw suspected the song could be controversial when no one else wanted to record it. “If 80-percent of the people feel the same way, why can't we write a song for that 80-percent? Doesn't the majority count?” Bradshaw asked.

K. So what's the problemo exactamundo?
Some people are more concerned about the message than the majority. “When I heard the song I realized it was playing into the national hysteria against immigrants,” said Ernesto Fraga, ‘Tiempo’ newspaper publisher.

Fraga, the publisher of the central Texas bilingual newspaper, has spoken out against the song and he's gotten hate mail in return.

“If it's not a racist song, then why are racists championing it now?” Fraga said.
AOOGA-AOOGA-AOOGA!! This boys and girls is a what? Anybody, feel free, don't be shy.

It's a false comparison. It would be like me saying that since Mr. Sunshine's nonsensical pretense of a newspaper is most likely read by hardcore Aztlan types, he then must be the head of the Aztlan movement. Of course this is much more likely to be true.

Have I mentioned the glaring, noticable lack of Mensa types on the pro-illegal side of the street? Truly a shame, really. Do yourself a favor and watch this asshat deliver this crushing zinger on the video, he thinks he's just destroyed us rather than embarrassed himself.
But Bradshaw insists its humor and explains he even has Hispanics in his family.

DJ’s are playing the song on some central Texas radio stations and in just four weeks, more than 70,000 people have visited the website selling the CD.

Critics say they're offended by the lyrics, but Bradshaw is planning a sequel, with the imaginary Texas cowboy on the other side of the border.
Critics are also noticably offended by: (in no particular order) proper hygiene; the correct use of the word illegal; chastity; sobriety; and cognitive thinking so I think we're on pretty safe ground politely asking them to attempt an airborne copulate with a delicious rolling deep fried pastry.
The new song will have the cowboy singing about the changed landscape, with the lyrics, “What's this fence you built? I can't get back across, help, I want to go home.”
Do they have anything in their rhetorical quiver other than screaming "RACIST" every time someone tells the truth? Methinks not.

If you'd like to check out the site it's here. I'm a fan of country music and I gotta say this is pretty good. It has the most important ingredient, something our big city country station doesn't quite comprehend, it sounds like a country song. Imagine that!

70,000 hits folks, yeah, no interest in illegal immigration there. In an interview on their site the songwriter gets off a pretty good riposte to all the "offended" folk...
Rita Jones says she didn’t write her song to be mean-spirited and shrugs at the small bit of negative criticism. “The only people offended are those who are here illegally," she said.
Good stuff!

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