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Friday, October 13, 2006

Bush Bash Costume Party -- Chicago Style!

So President Bush came to Shytown tonight and the moonbats were more than happy to come out to greet him in their own inimitable style. To mark the presence of the KING OF ALL EVIL they decided to throw a little costume party, lefty style...

Of course you had your Code Pinkos

Not to mention Skeletor Dude! (who when asked for an interview scuttled away like a ninny)

Giant Puppet Lady!!

Those crazy kids from Guantanamo (do they know the famous song?)

The "Man" hisself was nice enough to drop by.

And here's the wierd part? Judging from this sign, it must have been an RNC party, who knew?

Here's our video.

Funniest story of the night, and peek behind the curtains at what passes for a mind in a Communist. One of the guys there we have run into several times before. I always rib him and give him a hard time about being a communist. The last time we saw him he almost ran away from me and I had absolutely no idear what was going on.

Tonight chuckles was "selling" communist shirts (not sure that's entirely kosher) and after I got some film of the shirt I asked him why he ran away from me the last time. And I quote...

"I just think it's more productive talking to those who agree with you." (In a Larry David kinda voice, but whinier, and more irritating)

I'll just bet he does especially after the spanking I gave him on our first meeting. He kept saying, I quote again, "we need smart people like you in the movement Jake." I kept thinking smart people want proximity to communists like I want to explore the joys of rough prison style sex with cell block D!!

Funniest observation tonight: several of the boneheads who harrassed MJ in this video were here tonight. Yet it was as if she were invisible, granted she had a hat on due the chilliness, but still. She says they didn't recognize, I say heuvos poquinos, the only difference between tonight and in that vid is I was right there next to her tonight, which in a way is a shame because we'll take video like that all bloody day long!

Luckily we were able to end the evening at one of our favorite Near South Side diners to relax and repair after wading into the fetid lefty swamps.

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