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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Friends & Neighbors Update

Source: Reuters H/T Lonewacko

Open borders folks always like to have a little snicker about the ridiculous idea of terrorists crossing our open southern border along with all the harmless busboys and dishwashers...
Mexican and U.S. agents are investigating a group in Mexico that they believe is funding Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas, two newspapers reported on Thursday.

Mexico started the investigation three months ago on a request from the United States, which is helping in the probe, the daily El Universal said.

The alleged cell is suspected of financing Hezbollah rather than planning attacks itself, according to the Milenio newspaper.

Milenio said the attorney general's office in Mexico has compiled a list of people and companies it believes have provided funds to support Hezbollah, but no names were given.
Friends and neighbors folks, I'm sure it was all a misunderstanding. They love us down there, right?

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