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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Strolling Through The Blogosphere

We used to do a links round-up on Friday night to let you know what was going on at some of our favorite blogs. I decided to unilaterally revive that tradition tonight all by my lonesome, I guess that's what Unilateral means, oh vell! Off we go...

The Conservative UAW Guy has the inspiring story of the keynote speaker at the Reno gun bloggers show he just returned from. As he said, wow!

Chicago Ray reports on what Herndon Virginia has been getting up to these days.

Col. B. Bunny brings us a reminder of the true nature of the pro-jihadi group CAIR.

Matthew O'Keefe at The Gun Toting Liberal wonders if rather than not voting, which many conservatives do seem to be threatening, they should pull the (D) lever.

The demigods of Red Sky bring us proof of the Disney-Zionism-Pirate-Tinkerbell connection that you always KNEW was there.

The IFIRE blog brings us a photo essay of the Indiana Congressional immigration @ border security field hearing.

Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder brings us the "wisdom" behind the Arizona blame America memorial.

Katie's Dad peeks inside the mind of a corporatist/globalist, it ain't pretty.

Toni @ Beer Creek Ledger brings us the beefcake. Beefcake?

Well, that's this weeks blogosphere round up. Have a great weekend!

Also, there's a chance we'll get to meet Steve Elliot of Grassfire tomorrow night. If there are any questions or comments you'd like relayed the time! In comments or via email please.



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