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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The PC Insanity Cup Runneth Over in Britain

Source: UPI (H/T VDARE)

A major British job recruitment agency has banned the use of 27 flattering adjectives in job descriptions to avoid breaching a new discrimination law.

An internal memo circulated among the Robert Walters' staff of 1,300 employees in 14 countries has forbidden further use of such words as vibrant, dynamic, ambitious and hungry, The Telegraph reported Monday.

Other banned terms include self-starter, experienced, and ads for physical trainers can no longer request only "fit" or "energetic" personnel, the report said.

"References to more modern university degrees such as business studies, media studies or information technology should also be avoided," the memo said.

The changes came following the adoption of Britain's Employment Equality (Age) Regulations, which came into effect on Oct. 1, and makes discrimination on the basis of age unlawful.
Of course, my first inclination was to write a spoof ad using these news rules. Bryanna Bevens of VDARE beat me to it, though, and it's good stuff. I thought about suggesting you grab a pair of Depends before reading it, but I didn't want to state, imply or suggest anything derogatory or otherwise offensive about the current status of your personal bladder control situation...

Now seeking men or women (or any other human not covered by either of those labels such as “in between genders” or “both of those genders” for career opportunities in the field of personal fitness trainer. Applicants must be able to fill out a three question application without collapsing from exhaustion.**

**Failure to meet the “not collapsing from exhaustion” criteria may not be used to exclude any applicant who is otherwise qualified for the position–which is to say they are not dead and still breathing on their own…although discrimination against applicants on life-support is of course, also forbidden…especially in the field of fitness training.
Bryanna, you make me raff!

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