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Monday, October 16, 2006

What We Be Up To...

On saturday night Freedom Folks got an invite to meet Joe Turner at a secret location. It wasn't even about illegal immigration per se, we drank some beer and hung out and got a chance to chat with a really cool dude.

Then tonight MJ had an interview with CBS2 Chicago regarding the Elvira Arellano case. She originally contacted the reporter to complain about his use of the phrase "anti-immigrant." He then responded with what we took to be a bit of a mealy mouthed response. Well he ended up contacting us to ask MJ to do a follow up piece because her email was so thoughtful.

Link to CBS2

As always, MJ aquits herself with the grace and wit.  One interesting detail.  We ended up chatting with the reporter for a couple of minutes as the cameraman got squared away.  He'd recently changed stations and he noticed that at the new station he receives quite a bit of email, while at the old one he hardly got any.  He thinks the old station didn't send the emails to the reporters.  Thought that was interesting enough to pass along.

If your wondering why I'm not in any of the photos, well, let's just say I have a face for radio and a body like lumpy mashed potatoes!!  You should thank me, really!

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