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Sunday, October 15, 2006

You Bet I'll Like it!

In a recent article, Caroline Glick wonders at the bush administrations unstinting support of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in light of Mr. Abbas’,

”… appeals to merge his Fatah terror group with Hamas and Islamic Jihad. It has ignored the fact that his Fatah terror group has committed more acts of terror than Hamas and that Fatah's involvement in terror and the sophistication of its attacks has only increased since Abbas replaced Arafat after the latter's death in November 2004…”

It does seem like some rather unconventional stratemagizing doesn’t it?
It gets even stranger when Miss Glick describes some of the actions of our secretary of state:

”… EVEN MORE disturbingly, Rice has officially sanctioned a policy put together by US Army Lt.-Gen. Keith Dayton to expand by up to 70 percent Abbas's presidential guard and personal army, Force 17. The administration wishes to raise some $20 million to fund the training and arming and expansion of Abbas's army from 3,500 to 6,000 soldiers. This move comes after the US transferred 3,000 rifles and 1 million bullets to Force 17 in June. Yet Force 17 is a terrorist army led by terrorists…”

And there’s this to wrap it all up,

”… Right after he received the weapons shipment, Abbas appointed Mahmoud Damra commander of the force. Damra, who like many of the Force 17 officers and soldiers, doubles as a Fatah terrorist, was wanted by Israel due to his direct involvement in the terrorist murder of at least 15 Israelis. One of his deputies claimed that the US rifles were immediately used to attack a bus carrying Israeli school girls in Judea…”

Hmmmm. So in order to fight terrorists we’re compelled to fund, arm and train them. Yes. I see now.
Similar to stopping illegal immigration by encouraging it.
Or rewarding our bestest ally in the war on terror, Pakistan, for surrendering North Waziristan to Al Qaeda and the Taliban by selling Musharraf 36 F-16’s.
Or achieving security on the border by NOT achieving security on the border.Yes.
And if you’ll just direct me to the ministry of truth, I’ll be on my way.
Like it or not, it’s clear the Bush administration has an unfortunate predilection for saying one thing and doing the opposite. And while this sort of duplicity might be endearing in a 3 year old or an institutionalized sociopath, it is not acceptable from a President who’s responsible for the safety of American citizens.
And where is the oversight? Why aren’t Republican legislators gently reminding President Bush that one doesn’t stop bad, or insane behavior by encouraging it?
Oh wait, I guess they’ll get to that AFTER we’ve reelected them.
But still…3,000 M16s and a million rounds?
Something is profoundly wrong here.




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